Nov 11

Thanksgiving Pictures

May 11

Chicago trip May 27, 2011 – BBQ at Betsy’s

Our family - Jimmy, Peter, Andrew, Cary & Charlie

JImmy, Peter, Charlie & Andrew

The Boys & Granddad

The Boys & Betsy

Cary & Andrew at Betsy's

Charlie & Granddad

Cary & Aunt Pat

Cary, Betsy & Aunt Pat

Andrew and his friend from TQL, TJ

Maggie and her fiance Patrick



May 11

Pictures from our Chicago reunion – May 24 -25, 2011

Dad & Jack

The Boys at the Art Institute of Chicago

Andrew at the Art Institute of Chicago

Jimmy & Andrew on the bridge to Millineum Park

The Boys and Eleanor at Milleneum Park

Everybody at Mon Ami Gabi (except Betsy who took the picture)

The Boys, Dad & Eleanor at Mon Amis Gabi

Nov 10

Pictures from the Madison trip

Aug 10

Sunday in Chicago

We all had brunch at a place not far from Betsy’s.  The Forrester’s attended as well.  We all crashed at Betsy’s afterwards and then headed for O’Hare.  United is still a cheap, lousy airline.  Their terminal was sweltering, but the other terminals were fine.  We never took the camera out that day so no pictures.  Perhaps Andrew and Pete took some.

Jul 10

Saturday in Chicago

Cary and I along with Andrew, Pete and Betsy started the day with a Wendella boat cruise on the Chicago River.  Boy have things changed.  We went up the North Fork of the Chicago River, which when Cary and I lived in the City was very dead.  Now lots of condos, although many are empty.  We went down the South Loop and that was built up too.  No bodies floating in the river either.

Next we all toured Millennium Park and then met Clark and Suzanne for lunch at the new Art Institute Wing.  Then, we toured the Gold Coast and showed the Andrew and Pete their parents old stomping grounds.  We walked by my old apartment, Cary’s old apartments and had a few drinks at the Lodge.  We then crashed at the hotel a bit.  Andre and Pete went out later and met up with John at Butch’s.

Gold Coast shots

First, old times, Cary & I at the Lodge

Millennium Park shots

Boat Tour shots

Jul 10

Friday in Chicago – Andrew flys in.

We had such a great time with Clark and Suzanne we had a late start on Friday.  Poor Pete had to work.  We met Pete for lunch and then Betsy picked Cary & I up and we toured Hyde Park including the now Chicago Booth School of Business’s new campus.  What a change for Chicago.  The South Loop is amazing and I could get out of  the car and not get mugged in Hyde Park.

Later, we all had dinner somewhere in the very Near North.  Peter’s pick and just so so.  Still a fun time.  Later, we met John at Butch McGuire’s.

Charlie in Hyde Park

Shots from dinner

The Gang at Butch’s

Jul 10

Chicago Trip Thursday Evening July 30th

Cary and I arrived in Chicago and met Pete.  We all met Clark and Suzanne at their house and went out to dinner at Boka’s.  A great meal and a great time with old friends.

The view from our Hotel looking North

Cary & I with Clark & Suzzane at Boka’s