Photos from Jimmy’s wedding and related events

This is the master page for photo’s from Jimmy’s wedding and related activities. The pages are organized by day.

Day 1 – August 4th, arrive in Beijing and dinner at a nice duck restaurant.
Day 2 – August 5th, Great Wall, lunch at the village
Day 3 – August 6th, Summer Palace, Olympic venues, Prince Gong’s Mansion, Courtyard dinner
Day 4 – August 7th, Fly to Hailaer, lunch in Hailaer, grass lands tour
Day 5 – Saturday August 8th, morning tour of local forest park and World War II park, lunch hosted by the Party, and rehearsal dinner
Day 6 -August 9th, Wedding
Day 7 – August 10th, Tour more grass lands, climb Five Springs Mountain
Day 8 – August 11th, Leary’s and Andrew leave, dumplings at Bais, local lunch, Mongolian fair and evening Genghis Kahn tribute.
Day 9 – August 12th, Manzouli and Russian Border
Day 10 – August 12, return to Beijing

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  1. What wonderful commentary for such a deeply personal and yet exotic event! Congratulations to the bride and groom and to the families from the Janneys!

  2. Cary, what an adventure! Can’t wait to see the photos and hear more stories. Thanks for sharing. elaine and dennis

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