Photos from Jimmy’s wedding and related events

This is the master page for photo’s from Jimmy’s wedding and related activities. The pages are organized by day.

Day 1 – August 4th, arrive in Beijing and dinner at a nice duck restaurant.
Day 2 – August 5th, Great Wall, lunch at the village
Day 3 – August 6th, Summer Palace, Olympic venues, Prince Gong’s Mansion, Courtyard dinner
Day 4 – August 7th, Fly to Hailaer, lunch in Hailaer, grass lands tour
Day 5 – Saturday August 8th, morning tour of local forest park and World War II park, lunch hosted by the Party, and rehearsal dinner
Day 6 -August 9th, Wedding
Day 7 – August 10th, Tour more grass lands, climb Five Springs Mountain
Day 8 – August 11th, Leary’s and Andrew leave, dumplings at Bais, local lunch, Mongolian fair and evening Genghis Kahn tribute.
Day 9 – August 12th, Manzouli and Russian Border
Day 10 – August 12, return to Beijing